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Installing Ubuntu on Chromebook

Jeremy installed Ubuntu on Damian’s Acer Chromebook and Geo’s Samsung Chromebook. Using instructions from for running Minecraft on the Chromebook.

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Setting up 1.6.2 minecraft/craftbukkit server to run out of your minecraft\saves\ folder

By having your world in the save folder it allows you to get to access the world using Singleplayer or Multiplayer (via Minecraft Server). IMPORTANT NOTE You do not want to access your world as Singleplayer if the Multiplayer server … Continue reading

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My Minecraft Servers

Not all servers could be up and running 24×7 StoneGate – Survival – v1.6.2 server: dynmap: Lost Oceanic Flight 815 – Survival – v1.6.2 server: dynmap: Survival Caribe –  Survival – v1.6.2 server: dynmap: Big Bio Dome World … Continue reading

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Getting Metal of Honor Warfighter today at Best Buy.

I got a great deal yesterday for Metal of Honor Warfighter yesterday CyberMonday at I used my $15 of Reward which got the total price down to $14.97.

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Today is my Birthday!!

I got Halo 4, Assassins Creed III  and a Music stand for my birthday.

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